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I feel extremely fortunate that I didn't have to work at all from December 16 to January 3. In addition to spending a lot of time with family, I made considerable space for my personal practice. Mornings have been filled with extended periods of meditation and yoga, and during the days I have found a lot of time for chanting and singing, learning new mantras and songs for kirtan, and even some Christmas music and other songs just for fun. I absolutely love playing my new harmonium. For me, yoga, meditation, and chanting are similar practices (more on that topic soon). As a result of all this practice, I feel energized, inspired, and full of joy. I'm ready to start engaging more with the world.

I am going to have a lot of new offerings, both in-person and online (my website always has my up-to-date schedule), but for now I wanted to let you know about some new classes at Minnetonka Community Education that I will be teaching in the coming months.

Gentle Flow Yoga

Starting tomorrow, January 10, I will be teaching a new in-person Gentle Flow Yoga class. This class will guide you through yoga poses and teach you to connect those poses to the movement of your breath, creating a balance between relaxation and physical challenge. With this practice you will find increased strength, balance, flexibility, mental focus and improved metabolism. The emphasis on breath reduces stress, increases your lung capacity, and improves your immune, digestive and circulatory systems. This class is perfect for people who are looking for mental and physical wellness. All fitness levels will benefit.

This class takes place on Mondays in January and February at 4:30pm at the Minnetonka Community Education Center. You can sign up for the whole series for $75. Drop in classes are $15. Please bring a yoga mat.

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Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation

On Saturday, January 22 at 9am, I will be offering an in-person 90-minute Introduction to Mindfulness Meditation workshop. Mindfulness is the practice of being present with things as they are. It promotes not just individual wellness, but also healthy relationships and a more compassionate world. In this class we practice each of the four foundations of mindfulness: mindfulness of the body, feelings, mind, and phenomena.

The workshop will include:

  • A concise overview of the benefits of meditation
  • A introduction to some of the most widely-practiced techniques of mindfulness meditation
  • Guided meditations to help you learn the foundations of meditation
  • Suggestions for starting a daily meditation practice

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What about COVID?

You may have noticed that all of these events are in-person. I spent a considerable amount of time thinking about if I wanted to go through with these events given the state of the pandemic. For one thing, I'm fully vaccinated and boosted, so I know that gives me a level of protection. I also feel more at ease knowing that these classes will occur in a large room that allows people to practice social distancing. Additionally, Minnetonka Community Education Center requires everyone in the building to wear masks, including the instructors. People are advised that they can take their masks off for a short period of time — to get a drink of water, for example — and then place it back on. They have had yoga classes running, following these protocols, and that has not been an issue.

If you don't feel comfortable taking an in-person class, I still will have all of my online classes, too!