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When people ask me what style of yoga I teach or where I learned yoga, I proudly identify as a "Kripalu Yoga Teacher." When I completed my RYT-500 yoga teacher training at the Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health in Massachusetts, I earned this designation. More than just factually correct, I feel connected to the Kripalu lineage and I teach most of my classes as Kripalu Yoga.

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Once again I accepted the challenge this month and so far it is going well. This time around feels easier because it mostly has involved re-committing in some areas where I had started to allow some single-use plastic into our house. For instance, I'm back to more consistently peeling carrots and making my own hummus rather than buying bags of baby carrots and plastic containers of hummus.
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When people go to a yoga class, they typically expect the instructor to teach them yoga. While this may seem utterly obvious, this is, in some respects, an unreasonable expectation. Yoga teachers can't really teach people yoga. We can offer postures, breathwork, meditation, relaxation, and advice about how to practice, but each yoga student must find their own way. Each of us must, in a sense, teach ourselves yoga.
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The death of a spouse or life partner can be one of the most distressing events that a person can experience. Of the people who experience spousal loss, just 5-7% of them are 49 or younger. Next month, starting July 10, will be the first meeting of a Yoga + Support Group for Young Widows that I am facilitating with Talia Singer, MSW, LICSW, a clinical therapist.