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Meditation can be challenging, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced meditator. Dr. Matthew Tift draws on his experience teaching meditation and yoga to guide you towards peacefulness and clarity. Born from Midwestern sensibility, this meditation podcast does not take itself too seriously. Slow down, settle in, and experience the wholesome effects of guided meditation that is pretty good.

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Many of us get so wrapped up in the things around us that we rarely pay attention to the spaces between things. And yet space is always present. In this episode, we pay attention to the space between breaths, between our thoughts, in our physical world, and that surrounds sound. Developing a more spacious view of the world helps to open the mind, dissolve boundaries, and let go of the ego.

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Some forms of yogic meditation explore three distinct stages of practice: dharana (concentration), dhyana (a blend of will and surrender), and samadhi (surrender). In this meditation, we will investigate these three phases, which we call focus, flow, and let go. This type of practice can induce a sense of calm or relaxation, and, in some cases, bring about deep states of absorption.

Learning to breathe and relax can deepen your capacity to stay present to the events of your life. This meditation can provide space for you to notice as feelings and thoughts arise, shift, and fade away. Rather than push away emotions, this practice allows you to tune in to those emotions and learn how to ride the waves of sensations that we each experience throughout our lives.

The practice of metta, or loving-kindness, meditation provides an opportunity to develop your capacity to love and care for both yourself and others. Metta can create opportunities for you to re-examine your relationship with all beings in the world, and provide an opening for you to replace thoughts of anger and fear with feelings of kindness and compassion. The practice is highly adaptable and the phrases can be altered to reflect whatever is meaningful to you.

Body scanning meditations can be effective in helping you return to a relaxed state. A body scan is a simple process that involves moving your attention through all parts of the body. This method helps to train your mind to be present with both pleasant and unpleasant sensations. This simple practice is associated with a wide variety of physical and mental benefits, such as reduced tension and decreased stress.