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Guided meditation for all? You betcha

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Meditation can be challenging, whether you are a total beginner or an experienced meditator. Dr. Matthew Tift draws on his experience teaching meditation and yoga to guide you towards peacefulness and clarity. Born from Midwestern sensibility, this meditation podcast does not take itself too seriously. Slow down, settle in, and experience the wholesome effects of guided meditation that is pretty good.

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Mindfulness acts as the gatekeeper for the mind, and in this episode we develop our mindfulness practice by using the idea of a gatekeeper who guards the single gate of a city surrounded by walls. The wise and competent gatekeeper, like a mindfulness practice, keeps out strangers and welcomes in friends. This practice helps to build trust in the gatekeeper and awareness of the present moment.

We live complex lives in which we race around from one activity to the next. Let this practice slow the mind, and slow down time. Train the attention to this moment. In this meditation, we practice responding to thoughts rather than reacting to them.

Metta meditation (also called loving-kindness meditation) helps develop a propensity for kindness. In this meditation we practice and cultivate universal love for all living beings.

In this episode of Pretty Good Meditation, we look at the words and concepts we call "self." We meditate on words such as "my name," "my age," "my occupation," and other beliefs about "me."

In this episode of Pretty Good Meditation, we turn inward to the body.