Workshop: Burnout and Mental Health in Open Source

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As part of GitHub's Maintainer Month, I'm co-organizing a session tomorrow (Friday, June 17, noon-1pm Central), titled "Burnout and Mental Health in Open Source," and you are invited!

Burnout is a relatable issue, almost everyone has been there – and it’s something we see quite often in open source. Organized through CHAOSS (Community Health Analytics Open Source Software), the session is to facilitate conversations about how various open-source communities manage burnout and mental health. We will also discuss the Project Burnout metric from the CHAOSS DEI working group.

This is an interactive session to share your experience with burnout and we highly encourage group participation. This session will not be recorded, but we will consider taking anonymous notes so we can learn how maintainers are experiencing and handling burnout in their communities. We encourage you to share honest experiences with the group. You do not need to have your camera on or identify yourself in any way.

The agenda is here. We already have over 50 people registered for this free event. You are welcome to sign up, too!