Dori Kelner on Workplace Mindfulness Programs

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Matthew Tift talks with Dori Kelner, a mindfulness teacher, yoga teacher, and a long-time member of the Drupal community. She founded Insightful Culture to provide evidence-based wellness practices to those who want a proven method for calming their inner critic and moving through life with greater ease. In this episode, we discuss topics such as:
- Dori's transition from developer to manager to yoga teacher to workplace mindfulness facilitator
- The differences between mindfulness, meditation, and yoga
- How to tell when an organization might be ready to incorporate mindfulness practices into their culture
- Potential goals of a workplace mindfulness program
- Dori's approach to "discovery" when she's working with clients
- The difference between training leaders and training employees
- The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) method
- The role of metrics in a workplace mindfulness program