Angie Byron on Cultivating Well-Being in Tech Communities

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In this episode Matthew Tift talks with Angie Byron, the Principal Community Manager at MongoDB and a Drupal Core Committer. They discuss a wide range of issues related to cultivating well-being in open-source communities, such as:
- Angie's early experiences in the Drupal project making cultural norms explicit, creating codes of conduct, and establishing procedures for conflict resolution
- How Drupal has positively impacted the lives of its members
- Contributing to something bigger than yourself
- Setting up structures to prevent burnout within communities
- Challenges in monitoring community health
- How her participation in the Drupal community affected her personal life, both positively and negatively
- How community wellness checks might benefit an open-source community
- How Drupal agencies support the overall well-being of the Drupal community
- Angie's transition to working in the MongoDB community
- The joy she gets helping individuals find their place in a community
Since 2006, Angie has done incredible work helping to grow the Drupal community. On the subject of what all of us can do to help cultivate well-being, her advice is "Look out for your people."
The theme music used in this episode comes from the Open Goldberg Variations.