Upcoming presentations

February 1, 2012

In the coming month or so, I will be giving a number of talks concerning Drupal and public media:

February 2
"Open source software in public media"
Wisconsin Public Radio (Madison, WI)

Febraury 22
Drupal in Public Media
Twin Cities Drupal User Group (Minneapolis, MN)

February 27
"How ttbook.org makes use of Drupal"
PRI: Public Radio International (Minneapolis, MN)

Opening a menu link in a new window

November 20, 2011
In Drupal, it seems like it should be easy to configure external menu links to open in a new window, but I could not find clear instructions for doing so in Drupal 7. If this needs to be done in numerous places, the easiest way to get this done might be to install the External Links module. However, for a single link (menu item) I found the simplest and quickest way to get this done was to implement hook_menu_link_alter()

Converting a SQL Server Database to MySQL

April 15, 2011

In preparation for an upcoming database migration -- converting a web site from a homegrown CMS to Drupal -- I've been spending a fair amount of time learning Drupal's Migrate module. Although I knew that Drupal 7 could connect to SQL Server, upon further scrutiny I found out that the sqlsrvr module requires the PHP SQL Server Driver 2.0 from Microsoft, a Windows-only driver. Since I work primarily on a Mac, I decided to first convert the SQL Server database to MySQL.

From Public Radio to Public Media

July 30, 2010

The trend in public radio is to move away from the term “public radio” and, in many cases, embrace the term “public media.” For instance: the Public Radio Development and Marketing Conference recently became the Public Media Development and Marketing Conference; Louisville's Public Radio Partnership became Louisville Public Media; American Public Media calls itself "the second largest producer and distributor of public radio programming"; and, of course, National Public Radio changed its name to NPR.