Many of us who build websites for a living need to log the hours we work each day. It can be easy to occasionally forget a day. There are some interesting solutions to this problem, such as time trackers like Toggl or Freckle or email reminder applications such as Boomerang for Gmail.

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the first joint meeting of Minnesota Go and Rust users, and arrived home inspired -- not just by Go and Rust, but also about Drupal and its community.

I worked at a public radio station for eight years and I sometimes thought it would be fun to have my own show. So perhaps there is a bit of irony since I no longer work in public radio and I am finally going to get my own show!

The newest member of Lullabot's podcast family is Hacking Culture, featuring in-depth interviews with free software advocates.

Over the past couple of years, the Drupal community has been hard at work trying to confront a variety of challenges concerning Drupal core development, especially issues like burnout and funding.